How to apply our chocolate bar wraps.

Chocolate Bar Wraps DIY Hints and Tips

If you have downloaded our Printable Party Packs, you will notice that there are chocolate bar wrappers in there.

If this sends you into a spin - stress less! We have some notes and a video right here to help you.

For our wraps we sue the "Aldi Chocuer" brand bars that come in several flavours of chocolate and come in packs of five.

Make sure you have washed your hands and are working in a. clean space.

Step 1. Carefully remove the outer paper wrapper, revealing the foil underneath. Set aside the choc bar, recycle the paper wrap - you wont need it.

Step 2. Assuming you have printed out and cut the wraps out, place the wrap around the bar and secure with double sided tape (neatest), regular tape, or glue. Try to avoid a hot glue gun as it will melt the chocolate. 

 That's it! We have a video on You Tube to watch if you prefer the visual.

Extra tip 1: If you have a larger bar than the ALDI brand ones we use, follow the same application process, but you will see the wrapper is too small. Easily fixed. All you need to do is print at a larger scale. You will have a section in your print settings to print at maybe say 110? This will make it bigger by a little You may need to play around with the percentage until you get th desired size. Don't for get you can trim them down too if you accidentally print them too large.

Extra tip 2: You may want to print out a little ingredient label to stick on the back should you be giving the bars to people with allergies. 

Happy wrapping!

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