Choosing a party theme.

Hints and Tips Party Themes

Choosing a party theme can be hard. Here's a couple of hints and tips for you to make it easier. 

For a children's party.

Take the cue from your child. Do they have a favourite colour? Do they have a favourite character from TV? (I personally steer clear from "licensed" theme parties such as Paw Patrol, Barbie, Wiggles or whatever - however I would draw colours form these themes and style around it). Does your child love superheros (get the kids to dress up as their favourite one) or swimming  (you could have a pool party).

Even if your child has what seems like and impossible theme (I have done tutu wearing turtle theme - I can design anything! haha) - don't disregard it, work with a vendor who can help you with your ideas.

When thinking of a theme - also consider your budget too. Have you got certain things around the house you can use to save you buying additional items? Or do you have another child you may be able re-use the same items for?

Emma Smith Event Stationery | Pastel unicorn party styled by Maryanne Muscat Events

Pastel unicorn party styled by Maryanne Muscat Events. Milestone board by us.

For an adult's party.

Decide first what sort of party you want to host. Cocktail, casual, garden party or maybe a dress up theme?

Similar to the kids party, if you're struggling with a theme, start with a colour palette first - this may be all you need. Get ideas from Pinterest or similar websites. Simply type in "Colour Palettes".

Then you will need to decide if you are going to ask people to dress a certain way (dress up - maybe all in white for a white party, or cocktail dress - or whatever suits). A note on dress up parties - if you want to have people dress up, but are undecided on a theme - simply take a letter of the alphabet and have them dress up as that - makes it a little easier for all.

There are endless ideas on the internet about themes such as luau, casino, Mexican etc. Just start with a. simple search and get lost in the ideas. 

My personal favourite? A cocktail party - after all how nice is it to dress up once in a while?

Emma Smith Event Stationery | Coffee themed 60th Birthday - Styled by Lopre Events 

We did the artwork for this coffee themed 60th. Styled by Lopre Events 

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