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Classroom Decor Collaboration

I thought I would share the backstory and a little video that tells you more about our Classroom Decor collaboration with The Polka Dot Apple.

Sarah-Jane and I have been friends for many years - however we hadn't caught up a lot, as we knew each other through mutual friends. Until....

One day SJ came to me and told me she had an idea.....

I had been thinking of a similar idea, but in a different application. So, we met and chatted for what turned out to be hours about how we could combine to create something amazing. And hence our little collaboration was born. 

So over the next few weeks, we plotted and planned what we would do - it seemed like a lot of work, but we got it done and released our very first range of Printable Classroom Decor on August 1st. 

We believe this product will solve a problem for many teachers when it comes to setting up their classrooms, styling and organising them to make the space a clam and happy place not only for the kids to come to and learn, but for the teachers to teach in. 

I loved working with SJ on this (and we are continuing to as we have so many more ideas!) - learning more about her passion for an early educator, and her love for the kids and teaching shines through. 

From my experience with my own kids, I KNOW first hand how important those early learning years are. The teacher and the environment they provide makes the difference to how your child views school, and how their approach to learning will be going forward. 

I am so happy to be creating a product that will make lives easier, and learning environments prettier. 

Watch our introductory video below.

And shop the range here! 






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