For Your Amusement.

Right now in this stage of life, life is like an amusement park.

All the rides - some of which make you feel sick to the stomach and others which leave you feeling so awesome you want to go on it again.

It’s actually funny if you sit back and look at life like that.

The sick to the stomach rides are the ones where your kids are hurt, or are going through something that you can help with.

The fun rides are the good times, and some days in life, those rides are only fleeting moments - maybe when everyone in the family is laughing and mucking about over dinnertime, or the thrill of your teenager laughing at a joke you just made (cause heaven forbid you are funny), or the elation you feel when everyone actually got out of the door on time that day with minimal fuss. 

The free falling rides are the moments in life where you feel out of control, not knowing when it will all calm down. When I am on one of these rides in life, I sit down and make a list and regain control. Then work my way though the list.  

Then there is the roller coaster, you have ups and downs circling the other rides, ups, downs and then ups again. Going round and round, up and down, circling every other ride - all at once. The daily grind I guess.

The ride I live for is the ferris wheel. Just sitting, breathing, taking a break from the chaos that lies below. In my life, that’s a holiday, a break from the daily grind. I need to get a ticket to that one more often. 

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