I got together with girlfriends for dinner the other night. The very first thing we all complained about was the daily grind and how we are all so….busy.

We all felt like we were drowning in life.

We’ll have a bottle of wine please waiter.

So busy. Busy with kids, with maintaining the house, the grocery shopping, the kids schedules, work and trying to fit in romance. Longing for the time when our babies were small and all we needed to do was strap them into the car seat and they came with us wherever we went. Content with a rusk or snack.

We remembered the kinder days when we all helped each other out. In those days we got together a few times a week for coffees and play dates. We helped with kinder pick ups and babysitting.

Another bottle please waiter.

We marvelled at how our lives had become so busy, but were so so grateful that we had each other to help out as we raise our kids. We lean on each other for advice. Parenting can be hard sometimes, and each stage has it challenges. It takes a village they say. 

As dinner went on, and another bottle of wine in, we all had helped each other with current issues and hints and tips and recipes and easy dinners to make. The busy-ness and drowning feeling went away (okay it might have been the wine) and a feeling of gratefulness settled in.

Espresso martini time.

I left dinner feeling recharged. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask for help and it is right there, with your friends who have always been there, going through the same thing. Some just handle it better than others, or at the very least, look like they have it all together even if they don’t. We are all drowning in life at different times.

Our dinners are now every few months rather than that once a week coffee and a gazillion kids running around, but the value I place on them is priceless.

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