Don't Look Back...Or Do.

Recently there’s been a lot for me to think about in terms of where I came from.

I have lived many places over the years and will proudly tell most people I went to 11 different schools. People often ask me if it was hard to keep moving around, and at times I am sure it was, but for the most part I loved my childhood and didn’t know any different way of life.

When people ask me where I come from, there a few places I can choose to say - but most often I refer to the town where I spent the most time - Bendigo. 

To this day I love going back there, but not sure I could live there now. 

Very recently, a favourite aunt passed away, which meant I had to visit the small country town where I was born.  It seemed a little ghost town-ish. We drove the deserted streets, past old houses and my grandparents house.

All a little run down as time has passed. Apart from being run down, and a few closed businesses, and a lot less people, it was pretty much the same, Some things have not changed a bit. I guess that happens.

Again, I loved going back there, but know I could not live there now.

I love where I live now. It is the longest I have ever lived anywhere (11 years). I get the same sense of community in the suburb I live in as the old country town, but am close to the city. 

I couldn’t help feel little sad when we went back to that small country town. In another 20 years, it may not exist the way it once did. Those memories I’ll hold close to my heart. 

It makes me think of life experience, and how it shapes us. It makes me think of the memories my own kids will have, and where they say they are from. They have lived the same place all their life.

I’ll never forget where I came from, however remain excited to see where I’ll go.

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