Not so Pinterest.

Pinterest is a place I escape to regularly. As my baby approaches her sweet 16th birthday, I find myself there more often imaging a party I might create for her....except she doesn't really want one. So I am imagining a fake party, maybe one I would have loved for my 16th back in the day.

Being in the party industry, I feel so much pressure to create and style the most perfect party but it never works out that way (well it did once...many years ago for Miss Sweet-Almost-Sixteen's 9th Birthday). I feel like I should call in one of the many cake makers I work with and get them to create the best cake ever. BUT... I. never do. For a few reasons but mostly it comes down to the fact that I am always organising things last minute - and - I want to do it for myself.

I am most definitely NOT a baker at all. Turns out....paper designing and food designing are completely different.

Last year the "Woolies cake hack" was going around, so I attempted that (there's a reason I am not a baker!) - straight outta Pinterest. Didn't look Pinterest worthy, but it was yummy and she loved it which was the main thing. 

Sometimes, the "hand made with love and mess and late nights" gestures are the most satisfying and most appreciated. Even if they don't look exactly like the dream Pinterest life you have created.

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