We live in a two story house. Upstairs and downstairs. Kids love it. Me...loved it at first, still don't mind it as it serves for a mini workout somedays. And some days it's a mission just to walk up them to get to bed. 

Two weeks ago there were times I didn't think I could make it up the stairs to bed through pure exhaustion. We (and by we I mean mostly my husband) worked tirelessly to get the new esstationery studio ready. And ready it is!

We finally moved in and have been working (out of home - just like a real job) for the last two weeks. The move went rather seamlessly too! I am so proud to introduce my little corner of the world. My new workplace. Our studio. 



We still have a few little things to finish off. Like the staircase. How ironic. 

I am so grateful for this new space and hopefully a little more work life balance.

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