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What's Your Story? Part 1.

Driving to work crying is never a good sign. Or it is a good sign....that you are not in the right job for you. That's exactly what happened to me. I realised I was not happy in what I was doing for work and it was absolutely, devesating-ly, soul destroying.

I felt trapped in a corporate banking world with now way out. I had two small kids and bills to pay. But my mental health was worth so much more. So, with the help of a lot of people (My mum, my husband and my in-laws) and the decision that we may be on the poverty line for a little while, I made the decision to leave that job and persue something I love. 

At school I had loved graphics, and even started a design course at university. Until I got the taste of partying at uni and travel. I packed my bags and left for overseas.

Side note - I had met a boy.....who is now my husband....right before I left. 

So I left Australia - a little lost - to travel the world, and ten months in, I came home to the boy and married him. There's a whole other blog post in that, and I will save it for later. 

The point is, we got married, and kids and needed money, so I got a job in the bank. Which was safe. That paid the bills. Had great career everyone kept telling me every time I hinted at leaving. 

Fast forward to the first paragraph. I finally told my husband, and with his (very reluctant at first) support, I went back to the design course I started all those years ago.

It was hard. Juggling kids, finances and study (I also had a casual job in a retail store to help out) but we did it. Somehow, we managed.

Then, using my newly acquired Advanced Diploma, I started a little business. I figured out how to get an ABN, chatted with an accountant (who swiftly told me that it would be wise to work part time while I started out - so guess who actually went back to banking?!! Yup...a teller, but still.....) and then before long, I had enough orders to leave the bank FOREVER and make it a full time job.

I could work from home and be there for my kids, help out at the school and do a job I loved. 

I created a life to love again.

Stay tuned for Part 2!


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