What's Your Story - Part 2.

Leading on from Part 1....

I bit the bullet and started. It wasn't what I imagined. But it was worth it. 

Here's what I imagined.

Sunny days and kids who played around me calmly while I worked, mixed amongst blissful school drop offs and pick ups that we were never late for because..... well because I worked from home. I could make fruit platters and healthy snacks for the kids after school in the shape of animal sets because....I worked from home. And Would be calm because of the the time I had to work on my business because....I worked from home. Everything would be perfect. A perfect work life balance. 

Here's what I got.

Late nights and early mornings trying to fit it all in. Mentally unbalanced between spreading my time between kids, school, readers and homework, a husband constantly nagged me to come to bed because it is crazy to stay up until 2am overnight trying to get a business going. the daily grind and leaving washing that was in the washing machine for two days because I was trying to do it all. Not to mention ever having time for myself.....

There were times when I decided it would be better to go out and get a job for someone else, and I even tried that. Only to discover that the company I worked for weren't doing anything different to what I was doing on a much smaller scale and that I loved what I had.

Sometimes all the wrong decisions lead to the right ones.

It took 10 years.

Only now am I starting to figure it out and get into a routine. I attribute that partly to the kids going to high school and not needing me as much, and partly because I made many mistakes, and learned along the way to prioritise my day. 

It is still not a perfect balance. But it is enough. And I get to do what I love everyday. I am most certainly proud of what I have built and am hoping my girls can see that if you work hard at something, even though you make mistakes along the way, you can run your own business and take charge of life. 

But most importantly - be happy in what you do. 



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