Prices online here in the online store are as they are. They are quoted in AUD and are exclusive of GST.


All prices are quoted in AUD and attract 10% GST. Prices are quoted exclusive of GST for custom designs.
Custom design prices vary and depend on exactly what you want.

An artwork and design fee is applicable for ALL options (Wedding and General).
This will cover all drafts back and forth, appropriate amendments made and re-sent. For further information regarding artwork and design please read the fine print attached. In most cases, artwork costs vary from $50.00 - $150.00. A wedding will generally cost more as there are a few extra cards that generally belong in the suite - there for increasing the time it takes to draw it.

It is hard to give an exact price without talking through it with you but on AVERAGE 

  • A WEDDING is between $500.00 - $1200.00 and is dependent on what elements you require in your suite and the amount of invitations/suites required.
  • A CHILDREN'S EVENT/OTHER OCCASION is between $180.00 - $500 for around 25-35 invites.

In most cases, you can assume the more handmade elements there are, the more the invite will cost. Typically,

  • Invitations start at $2.50 and go up to $12.00+  per invite.
  • Envelopes are an additional cost and will depend on the size of your invitation.
  • Envelope printing is included free of charge.
  • Enclosure cards (reply, gift suggestion, map etc.) can come at an additional cost, again, dependent on design.

Matching Stationery and or decor is available and as a guide some general costs are as follows:
Placecard $1.30 each (standard, printed with guest name, folded)
Favour/Bonbonierre Tags .50c each (standard size/shape)
Chocolate wrappers .50c each
Buffet/dessert table labels $1.00 each
Water bottle wraps .80c each
Cupcake Toppers $1.20 each
Straw flags .30c each
Party/Dessert table backdrop & Signage – can vary from $3.00 (A6 Size) to 90.00 (A0 Size mounted on foam board). Digital Files are available for these and are $25.00 per file. 
Programs/Order of Service, Table Numbers, Seating Charts, Menus and many other items are available but cost will depend on the type and size you prefer.


Would you like a more detailed quote? Or more information?  It will help me to have a little more information on some or all of the below points:

  • How many invites will you need? (remember couples share an invite, so be sure to advise invite total, not guest total)
  • What colours/theme are you going with?
  • What information do your guests need to know? Do you need to include reply or gift suggestion cards?
  • Do you already have an inspiration board/Pinterest page or photos you can send through of items you love?


 A 50% Deposit is payable on ordering. Your draft will be started after this has been paid. When you are ready to order, just send an email, or give me a call.
​Initially an invoice will be sent for your 50% deposit, and we’ll gather some other relevant information needed and we go from there! You will need to provide:

  • Your name
  • Your preferred email
  • Your phone number
  • Your postal address to deliver the invites to
  • The date/time and place of your event
  • You may also need to think about specific wording for wedding suites or enclosure cards.


Appointments are available if need be. Appointments typically go for one hour.
​The studio is based in South East Melbourne, Victoria) and the cost for the appointment is $50.00. Payable in at or prior to the time of the appointment. This amount is taken off your final invoice when you order. If you do not proceed with an order, then that cost will cover the time and expertise offered within the hour.


You can pay for your stationery by any of the following methods.

  • Direct Bank Deposit - for Australian custom designed orders ONLY
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal